Herz und Herz

My wife went to the doctor on Friday and got to hear the baby’s heart beat for the first time. To my utter dissapointment, I couldn’t make it. I mean, I could have but I may be approaching that grey area where missing works starts costing you your paycheck and reputation. Anyway, just her describing it was uplifting and made me happy.

This weekend my wife Crystal and I went on the grand tour of friendship. It was a lot of fun. First we went to my friend Jerry’s home and finally got to meet his girl friend of one year. Happy annivesary guys! They live in a nice duplex in the outskirts of Puyallup. Its a wonderful change and it made me happy to see my friend doing so well.

After that we went to a party for Josh’s birthday and that was also really good. We got to see his mom and her friends. Plus, we finally got to meet Hava. Cool! Braden, his brother, and Erin were there too. I enjoyed “loosening up” a bit. I don’t drink all that often and good company makes a good oppurtunity for it!

I chopped some wood this weekend and we’ve been steadily using the stove all week. Its a bit of work but the house has stayed comfortably warm. It requires a bit of wood chopping. I just wish the wood wasn’t so damp. It makes starting fires a bit of a chore at times.

Crystal’s site is finally alive. You can see it here. It will most likely change a bunch as she decides what direction she wants to take.

I have finally gotten my math midterm back. I scored 103.87 out of 100. :D I did all the bonus problems so that explains the crazy score. I missed a couple points here and there but overall, I know what I’m doing and that makes me happy.

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