:’( I have been so busy and last night I stayed up until almost 4:00 am in the morning doing my computer science presentation. I had to proof it because after 1:00 came and went, I started getting loopy and leaving out parts of sentances and words. I got the job done and editing by Crystal and I turned it in. My presentation seems to have gone well but I was very nervous.

Other than being extremely wired because I drank like half a gallon of coffee today to stay awake, my day seems to have gone fairly well. I had a small bug in my deployment that is just silly. Its fixed and up-and-running so I am happy.

Man my foot is remarkably sore and I am bum ass tired. I’m out. Oh, and if you want to listen to a great music thingy online, check out Pandora (thanks Dennis) which has a lot of good music. You enter a song title or artist name and the database loads a long playlist of songs that fit harmonically and stylistically, among other details, to the one you inputed. Anyway, I gotta go before I collapse onto my keyboard.

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