…Towards the Rotating Knives

I was headed home from work and a light rain had started. Its down hill so I gain some momemtum. After it flattens out it turns to the right sharply. I hit that turn going no more than 30 ish and I start to skid. I over correct and suddenly I am spinning one way. Of course, my foot’s off the gas so I correct again and somehow the tires gain their grip.

Not only did I almost crap my pants and got my heart rate up twice normal, I am freakin glad no one was anywhere around to hit me. Its a busy road and that would have been a doozy. I think getting hit by an airbag is fucked up. Like, *BAM* your car is messed up and you have to get a new one and then a split second later *BAM* you need to go get a nose job because your nose has crumpled and broken into your face.

Double whammy!

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