Super Short Weekend

Well it wasn’t short but it was quickly over. Let’s see, Friday we packed up some more stuff at the apartment. It took the entire night. We then drove home, unload, and the next morning we drove to Auburn and picked up my wife’s dog. We made a stop ay IKEA which was insane as usual. Many people. Quite honestly I think their furniture is relatively cheaply manufactured but some things found can be a treasure to find there. Their book shelves seem to be better manufactured now and their kitchen wares are good. We got home fairly late but I did get a chance to stop by Bull’s Eye and check out some guns I have been thinking about. I handled the FN 5-7 and the Benelli M2 shotgun. Both are wonderful and both are expensive. I found a cool looking Remington Model 870 that has soon cool add ons to it and its a solid, proven pump which was much less than the Benelli. I also found a great looking Remington 870 at a good price.

Sunday was also a crazy day. We went to church and even before it was over ran over to our apartment and filled another load into the Element. We got home and I went over to my friend’s house who did my 30K on my Mustang (IE Changed oil & filter, air filter, fuel filter, wipers, rotate tires, check bulbs, top off fluids, road test, and air pressure.) and it ran me $57.00 for the parts. Not bad. I don’t really have a working garage yet and since he has all his tools I figured it’d be easier for him to do it. It’s nice to know a master mechanic. :)

So that was my weekend. It was productive but I really wanted some veg out time. At least there is no school today so I can get caught up on homework.

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