Move Complete!

Yay! We got done moving. My whole body hurt Saturday night. I will still have cable Internet service starting Thursday. The property is beautiful and the home itself is very spacious. I hooked up the surround sound for our 22″ TV set. Its kind of humorous to have such a good sounding system with such a small TV. Its been so long! I got to play the piano last night when I wanted to. No need to worry about neighbors any more! :D

And the sleep! Such glorious sleep. No thumping, jumping, talking, and screaming. No neighbors upstairs or next door. No ganstas driving by with their excessive stero units. I hate apartment living. The store is like 5 minutes away. I will miss being so close to town but I think planning our trips will make it easy to adapt to. Heating will be an issue. In the apartment, it was easy to heat the space. This house is gigantic. I will need to start splitting wood! I am so excited. Its that or use the electric heat which as many of you can guess, is expensive.

I have some reading to do. The Epic of Gilgamesh is fascinating in that it gives an interesting perspective on life in Sumeria. Its also very interesting to see the paralels and differences between it and other creational stories such as that of the Jews, Egyptians, or Babylonians.

Math has had some challenges but I got over them in that I figured out the teacher isn’t teaching us how to solve the assigments. Rather, she is giving us definitions and examples and then expects us to read trough the chapter to find the methodology. We are currently on the operation of functions and transitioning into graphing. For example, if f and g are functions, then perform these operations. (f + g)(x), (f – g)(x), (f * g)(x) and (f / g)(x) [where g(x) != 0, of course] Its a huge step back wards for me having been through calculus. I suppose I could retest and get into higher math. I honestly don’t know how I got into calculus. It fealt surreal. The memories and tests. Did I know what I was doing? We reviewed polynomials and I understand how to F.O.I.L but what about the oposite? How do you get (x + 3)(x – 1) from x^2 + 2x – 3?

The computer class just got much more interesting. We are now doing a session on base conversion focusing on base 2 and base 16. I have always wondered how that all worked. 00110101(2) = 53(10) = 35(16) Hopefully the next session is more of this sort of informative information rather than things like Computers, the Internet and You.

Anyway, that’s the status report for my life for this week. I am going to be spending a bit of time unpacking and getting stuff settled in the house over the next few weeks.

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