Large, Shiny Axes

This weekend was good. Friday I went to Wherehouse music and sold some bad movies we’ll never watch. I took an in-store credit and applied it to some new CDs. I found some good stuff for once. Made me happy.

Saturday I fired up the grill and made some steaks. I also put the new deep fryer to use. It was a tastey meal. Eveyrthing turned out really well. We drove to Silverdale and checked out the mall. Its been a very long time sicne I have been there. I hate the mall. I went to look at knives, games like Quake 4 and Fear, and also went to see about the upcoming X-Box 360 release. I didn’t buy anything. My wife found some scented lotions at Bath & Bodyworks that she bought.

I bought an ax and split some wood Sunday. It was refreshing to do some manual labor. I broke a sweat and filled up two wheel burrows. A lot less than I was capable in my younger years but at least I did it. The axe performed well. I was thinking about buying a maul but with a few solid strokes I can split even the biggest rounds into firewood sized pieces. I will probably do this every weekend until snow fall. The wood is free and will save us a bunch on the energy bill.

I am kind of tired today. I had a math assignment I needed to finish last night. We are working on quadratic equations and polynomials right now. My history midterm was okay. I feel mediocre about it. I chose to write the essay about a comparison and contrast of Egyptian and Mesopotamian religion, politics and life. It’s an interesting topic but I couldn’t cite as many references during the exam as I feel the instructor may have required.

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