Express Service Please

I ended up going to the ultrasound anyway. It was a beautiful experience. I am so excited and so is my wife. I would like to post those pictures here soon. Now I need a scanner. :) The little guy (or gall) was dancing around, waving its arms and being active. I admit, I cried. Inside my wife is her and me combined.

Other good news is that my cable Internet got connected today. Man, I live out in the middle of Belfair (which is sort of like a hick town) and I get better Internet than I did in Bremerton/Silverdale. Makes me glad. The bill will remain about the same.

I need to make up some hours. I have been coming in late. I have a quiz in math and some homework due today. I think it should be easy but I don’t want to let my gaurd down.

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