Deployment Begins

Software that is. I deployed my first update to the live server some changes to the code regarding the scripts and connections that run our company Customer Service Interface. It was very interesting. I also got to stop and start the SOAP server. Nothing amazing but still, I am getting valuable experience and learning new things almost every day.

I am really tired of the bias some people have towards certain things. What is wonderful about observations like these is they open an opportunity to do some introspective observations. I am guilty of the same thing at times. Check out this article at PCMag for example. I really hate having a blog of links but every so often I come across something exceptional worth sharing. You see, I have been dealing with setting a local church with a technology plan. Weighing cost, ease of use, availability, maintenance, familiarity and other factors I have been proposing that organization upgrade its Windows machines. At home I use Windows to perform all their recording, mastering, mixing and other computer based operations. I don’t giving a whoot which system people use but I do like consistency. Besides, a majority of the users are zero to middle income folks who may have a machine at home and if they do, its a Windows box.

Enter my mother-in-law. Her technology vision is the product of a Mac biased propaganda machine. Because her industry has adapted widespread use of Macs (notice I didn’t say Macs are necessarily better for the work), it made sense she would use a Mac. You use what’s most convenient when you are talking about your job. So fast forward some years into the future. She has this desire to help with the audio mixing of the organization’s material. The problem here is that I am completely forgotten as far as my expertise goes, my understanding of mixing software, the consistency, and the awkwardness of moving a public institution like a church to a relatively bourgeoisie operating system. I can’t figure out the senior pastor either. Sometimes he is micromanager extraordinaire and sometimes he delegates. This time he goes along with my mother-in-law.

Ah whatever, right? I don’t give a crap anymore. People all around me do whatever they want when they want. I have been asking her for art work for the web site and I think I have gotten one picture. Suddenly she wants to work on the mixing because its not moving at the speed she requires and *bam*, I am out of a job and my opinion is relegated to Windows diatribe. Sometimes, life is so cruel. I suppose that’s what happens when you have a tiny, organization that expects a lot from and for very little.

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