That’s Crazy Talk

Yesterday we went and talked to our landlords at the apartments. We are required to give a 20 day notice and they won’t give us the 4 days we are late (we found out about this house oppurtunity the day before) so we will probably end up paying for October here but that’s okay. The new place looks great and we will be happy to have the extra time to move.

Man I hate moving. :-/

But on the bright side it will save us some money. I will go to the school today and see about getting a later class. I need to inquire about financial aid for next quarter and buy books. I shopped around for books online and if I go all used, I don’t save any money online. The only book that I will buy new is the math book which comes with the solutions and practice stuff.

Day of Defeat: Source has started preloading. I can’t wait until that gets released. X-Box 360 is scheduled for release November 22nd.

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