Moving On, Oh Man

Well school is going well. The assignments are tedious at times but so far, no biggie. Slowly, people have shifted in and out of classes. I am sure that this week reflects the majority of the way classes will look for the rest of the quarter. I was really tired yesterday. I could not get to sleep the night before. I guess I was really excited about the upcoming release of Day of Defeat: Source.

Mean Mr. Mustard

I worked on my new signature instead. So anyway, the game was released yesterday and you know what, I am still trying to develop a verdict. The game play is much too fast and it almost feels… like an arcade. The select fire, sidearms, graphics, and sound are amazing but there isn’t much variety. I am not sure what I feel yet. Its so different from the beta and even more different than the original. Change can be good, sometimes its bad.

I purchased my last school book yesterday. I also grabbed the receipt for my classes and got a post office box (on the contacts page) in Belfair where we are moving to. I need to drop my change of address into the mail. I am looking forward to having a house again. Playing music loud, playing my guitar or piano whenever I want. Its going to be good.

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