Hurricanes and Babies

Well its been an exciting week I suppose. My wife went to the doctor to get a blood test done. This will confirm if the pregnancy is true and if its progressing correctly. We have taken two tests which came back positive but we want to just make sure everything is cool. She worries a lot. I want to support and comfort her as much as possible. I have spent some time reflecting on life and the pending child. Its been an inspiring week. For me, I realise how much this child means to me and how important and beautiful my life will be. Then I realise even more how much parents go through and as I become a parent, my God do I realise how many emotions and feelings one must feel as everything you becomes this child that you raise.

My sympathy goes out to the victims of the hurricane that swept this week through New Orleans, Southern Louisiana and part of Alabama. Its truely an aweful event and sad even in our history. I wish I knew more. Its amazing how human instinct takes over. I really don’t understand how people in urban areas can rely so heavily on the government to help them. I suppose the same mentality that drains our welfare system is the same mentality that demands protection. Really, its a risk everyone living in that city took living below sea level. Levies break. At the same time I have sympathy,

I have been working on some websites and quite a bit of programming for work. This weekend will be a glorious 3 day weekend. I am not sure what we will do.

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