Good Weekend, Bad Diet.

So you all probably figured out that my diet that I started months ago failed. It failed miserably. Sugar is the devil and fat is his best friend. My current diet of fast food and junky fillers in between is a recipe for disaster. I need to change this. Especially now with a child on the way and starting school. I have started small but I need to make bigger steps. I quit bacon 2 months ago. I went from eating it daily for breakfast to maybe once every 3 or so months. I also quit eating at McDonald’s. I need to quit all fast food eventually. My next step is to quit soda. This will be difficult. That cold, fizzy beverage with all its sugar and caffiene has narcotic effects upon me. It makes my troubles go away. It makes my pain end. It makes me happy.

The first step to tackling a problem is to admit one exists.

We had a great weekend. We spent Saturday lounging and I watched some games. We went to the store and looked at games. Nothing new is out. We spent Sunday cleaning the house more. We moved furniture around. We realize now that we probably could have done it in a 1 bedroom up to this point had we been creative. I have my book shelf out in the living room now, the rolltop and CD rack in our bedroom, and the computer desk in the dining room. Plenty of room left though. Makes me happy. We watched a movie called “Sahara” which was mediocre. It was fun yet it had some amazing leaps. The James Bond/Indiana Jones camparison is correct. Its a fun movie I suggest renting it for some fun.

Monday was the holiday. We drove to the Green River Gorge and went rafting. It was a blast. I wish we had come earlier int he day because it was dusk when we finally got into our car (which made it get real cold) but I really enjoyed getting out and doign something. The rapids weren’t extreme but the pace as good for n00bs like us.

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