Good Times!

Its turning out that September is going to be a great month! Not only does school start on the 19th, but More Machine Than Man will be in Seattle at the Vogue on the 25th, Day of Defeat: Source will be released on the 26th, my wife and I will go to our first doctor’s appointment to check up on the baby on the 29th, the film “Serenity” is due on the 30th. Its gonna be a hot and heavy month!

More Machine Than Man

I am not sure if we’ll make it to the show. The Seattle fetish scene seems immature (that is, young in age and therefor its more novelty than lifestyle) but the music should be awesome. As far as the game goes, Day of Defeat has been one of those staples in my game collection. When all other games fail or get boring, DoD will always be there. Like a security blanket of a young child. I have been playing some Neverwinter Nights, which by-the-way, is a fabulous game! I never played much of it because I may be a tad inpatient! Anyway, I have been playing DoD since it was created. It was origianlly as a mod for the original Half-Life. I remember loading the original alpha. It has under gone severe updates and its current version is well refined.

Day of Defeat: Source screenshot

The newest release contains very impressive graphics, sounds, and physics (I was lucky to get invited to the beta by a friend that works at Valve. The new version is a complete makeover rather than a straight port like Counter-Strike but I got a chance to see and experience the direction they were headed in). I am very excited about its release. The movie is going to be awesome. Its a continuation of a suprising short lived television series called “Firefly”. Its probably the only series I watched that I followed very closely other than Alias. Hopefully it will live up to expectations and also open the door for the series to be revived.

I am going over to someone’s house to fix their e-mail. :roll: Hopefully it will go fast. I need to go to my school soon so I can see about testing or getting permission up and out of my Intro to Computer Systems class and also see about moving my 7:00 am class to later in the day. We’ll see.

Oh! Oh! And our friends that we stayed with in Hawai’i have a home here they would like us to rent in Belfair. It would increase my commute to work but the location would be much better. 1,800 sq ft compared to the current 840 or so in our apartment is awfully tempting. They say they may be moving back next fall. Is it work moving to save $349 a month for 11 months or so? Reason says yes but its a strike against residency when you are trying to establish credit. Hmmmm.

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