Aw Man, Why Did You Do That?

As many of you know, I am a techno music fein. I have to put in my socially obligitory explanation that I like all kinds of music, but them hard beats from Germany kick the most ass.

Anyway, I have been watching the scene. There is a plethora of everything else. Even the term “underground” is sort of a mismatch. I went to a couple local music stores and their selection of techno is shrinking! :>

Ach so.
It’s too bad. Back to trying to find the stuff online, importing it from Europe and praying someone decent comes to play in Seattle. It’s almost like techno was a fad or something. Strange I suppose. Techno is synthetic and sometimes emotionless. I guess hearing music with words that reflect what you are feeling on the inside so you have someone or something to associate with is perhaps why other music is more popular. Do people like stuff because they agree with it? Does this mean I am emotionless?

I contemplate these things as I follow the latest mix of goa-psy trance on streaming radio Philosomatika.

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