1st Day of School: Part Two

Okay, well that wasn’t too bad! :)

My first class was pretty cool. Its History 101. I enjoyed the teaching style and I took lots of notes. The evening campus seems quieter and my class only has 8 or so people in it. Such a relief. I got to experience some of the ‘M’ generation (M for me) and it was a little discouraging but whatever.

I actually did all my reading before my next class. The teacher assigned some reading from the textbook, some sort of text recovered from some Sumerian ruins regarding one god killing another and how great it was, and the Epic of Gilgamesh. The class will cover the Neolithic to the Fall of Rome, perhaps a little after that. It should be an interesting class.

My math class was quite different. Its Precalculus and the material is not new to me. I feel like it will be a good review though. I suppose. :| The class has more people in it. About 15 or so. The people seem nice but shy. When I first signed up, I thought my teacher was named Ahmed. This scared me because I was afraid of the potential hard-to-understand near East type professor. So I go to class and it turns out I have someone called Dutta. I sigh some relief. She walks in and starts to talk. My smile turns into a look of fear. Dispair. Shock.

Full blown Inian accent with all the usual speech stereotypes. :roll: I will be okay. She was probably nervous and tired. First day of class. I pulled out my paper and started taking notes. No homework. Good.

I got home about 9:15. I read my assignments. I am a little worried about homework. 50% of the math class is weighted against homework. I may have to take lunch breaks at work to do homework. We’ll see how it goes.

Today I go to my computer science class. I will talk to the professor and see what he/she says. I may take it for the easy A. We’ll see.

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