1st Day of School: Part One

Oh man I am so nervous! I don’t know what to expect. Will it be like high school again except with everyone around me being much younger? Will I do well? Etc. etc.

I have removed my Political Science 101 class and instead am taking History 101. Why? Well I took PS 101 at PLU and I am hoping that I can get credit for it. Meh, I am not sure what will happen there. I am glad I can switch them on the eve of my first day of classes! I just need to go and trade my book in before class today.

The soda’s run out at our house and we don’t plan on buying more. I miss that fizzy burst of weetness from Pepsi or CocaCola… but I enjoy this renewed energy. We have also bought a lot of fresh fruits and vegies for eating at home. I think this new lifestyle will help me do better in school.

I am also nervous about moving. I always hate doing it (I am sure anyone does). The big day is either this or next weekend. I am especially worried about the heavies like the piano, the large couch, and the mattress. My wife shouldn’t be doing any lifting of that magnitude.

There will be a part two tonigth after I get back.

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