Working Away

I have been having a great time learning new things at work. My work has gone beyond simple database analysis. When I started, I would do a lot of data entry and comparing accounts. After a while the role increased to manipulating PHPMyAdmin and simple config files for search scripts. Now that I have filled in my position fully, I can modify and code review scripts as well.

Now I am getting some bugs assigned to me. Its PHP intensive but I love it. The first few bugs were to add audit trails to accounts when changes to addresses and id numbers were made. Now I find myself deleting additional rows in tables when certain functions are done and my current coup de gra’ce is a new page that displays how customers rebill and the ability to change the interval and amounts by adding, removing and adjusting SKUs listed on accounts. So its been very interesting. Logic problems weren’t my strong suite but somehow I love the moments of clarity that occur when tinkering over a problem.

I plan on going down to Puyallup to visit my folks this weekend and work on my car. I will probably siphon the gas out of it and fill it with new gas. Hoepfully that will get it running again. Its been very warm this week. Actually… hot. Its especially frustrating during bed time. The warm weather makes it difficult to sleep. I have been feeling better so I hope to start working out soon.

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