Simple Things

Do we all have simple things that bring us joy? My wife and I are starting school here soon and I realized now that I have perhaps 100 unsharpened pencils sitting in the drawers of my desk. Some of these are in their original packaging unopened! Over the years we’ve pretty much stopped using the erasable writing tool and ceded into using pens.

We went to Costco and I purchased a Panasonic electric pencil sharpeners. The kind that sat on teachers’ desks all through high school. Its wonderful. So easy to use. The tips so sharp and consistent. The cheap manual sharpeners that we have used were quickly discarded. No more ugly sharpening for us. I would have settled for a manual sharpener like the ones that hung on the wall of my elementary school but if the power goes out, I’ve got bigger things to worry about than sharpening pencils. Its amazing what ease and satisfaction this simple thing has brought me. Yes, now I can finally start using all those pencils.

This brings me back to the school thing. I placed well when I took the compass entrance exam at the college. I figured that over the years I have forgotten most of what I have learned but during the test I wrote my problems down and stared at them long enough that I had moments of inspiration. Suddenly those polynomial equations started making sense. I am glad I spent a couple hours doing practice questions the night before. It prepared me for what to expect. Math 117 is a much better placement for me than Math 94!

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