Schweik (Svejk) OMG!

Okay, I am an outspoken supporter of independant and foreign films. I may be bias towards Czech movies because of my heritage but I appreciate many other languages. This week has been hectic so I took a few minutes break to take a look online to see if my favorite childhood movie introduced to me by my father was available on DVD. I check every 6 months or so. Amazingly…. it is! It was released this year!

Good Soldier Schweik

THE GOOD SOLDIER SCHWEIK: A satire based around the events of World War I, THE GOOD SOLDIER SCHWEIK tells the tale of a soldier in the Czech army who causes havoc due to his bumbling nature. Based on a novel by acclaimed Czech writer Jaroslav Hasek, this is a sly, humorous dig at the military which should appeal to fans of Robert Altman’s M*A*S*H.

THE GOOD SOLDIER SCHWEIK 2: Despite causing mayhem in the first film, GOOD SOLDIER SCHWEIK has once again been called up for duty, with further hilarious antics ensuing.

I always considered it one movie with 2 parts but apparently the West considers it two separate movies. I found it here for an okay price. Ah, this makes me happy. Oh and the short review that mentions M.A.S.H. above… well… I hate that show but love this movie.

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