Life Changes

After nine years of research, the Hradek Group (HRA) has announced a recent break through in manufacturing technology. This first protrotype über-Hradek was discovered on August 22nd at the Bremerton laboratory. The project lead for the development was overheard saying, “This development will change the company’s future interests significantly. The location is already being redesigned to handle the additional project to the location.” The prototype is scheduled for release second quarter 2006 on April 22nd. Already, speculation has risen out of a possible name for the project. The project lead and his lead female developer have are not disclosing names but have hinted at: Amadeus, Aristotle, Benedict, or Ulysses with a suffix “Patrick Josef” and Eva, Hannah, Olivia, or Sasha with a suffix “Anna” as preliminary choices and combinations.

We will continue to keep you up to date as we find out more details.

In other news, I have signed up for classes. I am taking Psychology 101, Mathamatics 119, and Computer Science 110. This last one I may be able to get permission to move up to CS120 because I think I am fairly learned at the basics of computers.

At work I have nearly completed the release of my special rebilling page. We rebill customers according to information on certain tables and I have developed a page where you can view, update and add/remove items for rebilling. The code is all PHP/MySQL/HTML so it may not be a object oriented language that is advanced but the concepts are all there. I recently learned functions, classes, session identification, while loops, and other things. Its really fun.

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