Hardbass: A Hard Dance Music

Every little while something new comes along that catches my ear. You know, I like a lot of different kinds of music. I admit that I focus a lot on electronic music called techno (and its many, many permutations). Recently I have been into a lot of UK Hard House and hard trance music. I have dabbled in the past with gabber and hardcore music which seems to be really difficult to find much of and really, gabber is past the realm of danceable. Its that hard edge that has kept me interested.

Fortunately music somehow permutated in Europe to fuse gabber, hard house and hard trance into a relatively new genre called Hard Style Bass, or Hardbass and Hardstyle. It slows down to about 135-170 bpm but keeps the distorted kickdrum/bass sounds of gabber, takes hard house rythmic patterns and dancable melodies/themes and extends them in hard trance’s style. The combination is great. I have been trying to get a few albums either at retailers or eBay but keep getting outbid. I don’t really want to spend a ton of money…

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