eBay = Devil

eBay is the devil. And its not for some of the whacked out reasons you might get from other. Ebay is the devil like cocaine is the the devil in my opinion. Its addictive and expensive. I have found a few good deals on there but for the time being I have decided to stop bidding and wait a while. Maybe I will sell some stuff.

I set up the surround sound at our home finally. We’ve been living there now for over a year and I busted the rear and center speaker out of their packaging. It was good to see ‘Alexander’ with 5.0 (hook up my sub in an apartment for 5.1? Are you crazy?) sound. The movie itself was a “meh”. I mean, it was epic and a good one at that. But as a movie that I thoroughly enjoyed, not really. I think seeing it on DVD was perfect. I wish our TV set was larger so some of the visuals were more clear. I am happy to have the rich sound again. I forgot how great things sound with the surround as far as movies go.

I have been doing a lot of programming at work. I have had some minor bugs assigned to me in the past. Simple PHP coding stuff. Now I had a chance to program an entire page/interface to handle a few new tables a billing logic manipulation. Its so interesting and I get so into it that I am beginning to shift from law to programming and/or computer engineering. Strange. I love going through school catalogs. When I see the pages upon pages of courses I think to myself, “Man, look at all the cool stuff I can learn!”

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