Clean Up Time

I have this “Jackel & Hyde” problem with my site and blog. You see, we all want to share our inner thoughts and feelings with our friends (and ourselves) but yet there is this risk that someone will come along one day and use what you shared against you. I read an article on CNN (I know, I know) where people are freaked out because blogs have gotten them in trouble. Employees share the crap that happens at work. Senator’s daughters admitting they are lesbian and ruining their father’s political career. Where do you decide that you shouldn’t post this or that?

This brings me to my site. Most of my site is relatively tame but there are a few places where I admit (through links or design) certain personal details. Should I? Has the faceless medium of the Internet become less private? Or does humanity need to express itself on a deeper, more personal level to mature? Why is it that people need these automans to run for office, to work with, or just in general know? Do people really think that someone running for office is this cookie cutter man or woman with no offensive traits to anyone? Or maybe people would rather not know those things. Maybe once you know them, they taint the shroud or illusion of perfection.

Why should we gag ourselves? Should we gag ourselves? Should we do it sometimes and not others?

Anyway, I ponder these things as I review my website and blog.

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