Cable vs. DSL Continued

Over the last few months I have had the worst pings possible on Comcast’s internet service. The downloads may go fast but when it comes to playing games, pings are outrageous especially during “peak hours” which are the times I am usually online… 7pm to 11pm.

I recently got DSL and my suspicions were correct. DSL had consistent pings to google, yahoo and even my favorite DoD or CS servers. With cable I get a 4 packet ping like 78, 119, 98, & 160. During the night hours I can expect an additional 50 to 100 milliseconds.

DSL 61, 61, 61 & 61. Wow. Talk about stability. I might be only getting 1,500 kbps down as opposed to the 6,000 I get with Comcast, but Qwest has good pings consistently. I still have both services so I will call Comcast and ask for help.

The above numbers were last week. This week Comcast’s pings have stabilized and gotten a lot lower. Still not the Bhuddist like stillness of Qwest…. but its gotten better. Maybe enough people have complained?

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