Amazing Times

I have had some strange dreams lately. This particular set of dreams are about a huge calamity in this state affecting everyone West of the Cascades. Apparently there is some sort of huge earthquake in the no-so-distant future. It is of amazing magnitude and it is so violent that Mercer island sinks below the waves of Lake Washington. In my dream I was being told that the most wicked, Godless and greedy people reside there and thus the severe destruction.

A few weeks ago I had a dream about Mount Rainier exploding. I saw giant plumes of fire our the top and side of the mountain. I quickly drove to a nearby hospital that was filled in hallways and other areas of displaced people and I was searching for my wife who apparently worked there. They had some television sets hanging on the walls the the news reported that a state of emergency or martial law was declared.

Anyway, I wanted to post these strange dreams of seemingly pending calamity in my area before I forget them.

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