Terrorists and Computer Parts

So all these terrorists that blew up those stations in London last week were local citizens. These guys want change in the way Western countries behave towards their own people. The strategy worked in Madrid. Will it work in Britain? I doubt it. The people there have always been subjects, not citizens. The government rarely does the will of the people. I keep reading these articles how these moms are speaking out against gun violence but yet virtually all guns are banned! Even toy guns! Wake up retards, its not guns that are the problem. Your little island has some social/political issues that you need to address. Your “rulers” don’t care about you. They need to save face and invade some more countries and start searching all your homes. You can’t govern yourselves so don’t be surprised when they tell you what you can and can’t do in every aspect of your life.

I think the problem here is that governments are moving further and further from the people. I think a majority of people in this republic would agree that the war in Iraq was a sham and completely unwarranted yet our government continues to do as it pleases. I write our representatives a few times a month regarding this or that but some of these responses scare me. For example, Rep. Jay Inslee is completely disconnected from the constituency. He votes according to his own globalist agenda or conciounse. I get these replies to me that might as well read like a letter to a servant. “I, your honorable and just leader, feel that what I believe outweighs all logic and reason. You, small and unintelligent tax payer, must live your life according to the laws I feel are right.” Well, it didn’t say that. Might as well have though.

Maybe I am unique, but when I write my representative, I voice concerns over laws these people rubber stamp. Even through their own admission they rarely even read what they enact! Why do we need a 1,000 page document regulating free trade for example? Does that make any sense? Its not free trade at all.

The point is that these governments, with all their power and greed, can’t force their will on everyone. The western populaces may have accepted that they are simply tax payers who support their governments’ yearly military excusrions into various parts of the world but there are people out there who will have none of it. I feel sad that its the people that have to pay the price for the governments’ mistakes and transgressions. When you have governments that invade countries and with their financial might and military power fund and support the enemy of people in various parts of the world, those people and their governments become enemies too. We’ve got them in a corner and they are willing to die for their freedom.

Just like our revolutionary forfathers were willing to die for ours.

I am now switching from Newegg to Zip Zoom Fly as my prefered computer parts and software merchant. Its still out of California, but Newegg’s site has been running really slow, their prices just don’t compete like they used to, and they don’t allow negative reviews of things they sell. Their handling was very fast. Anyway, I will let you all know how Zip Zoom Fly treats me. From what I have heard, it should be just fine.

I haven’t felt really happy lately at work. It drags on a lot for me. I want to go home often. We haven’t had a chance to buy groceries in a while so my lunches are lame. Plus I have been conteplating my future and career options so its made doing this harder. I mean, I like working here and I am not going to quit but I definately want a direction. Like school or starting a more career oriented job.

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