Honda Element EX

Yes my wife and I traded in our Ford Taurus for a nifty Element. Its wonderful vehicle and didn’t change our monthly commitments much. Its fun to drive and the color is a really interesting orange. My favorite features are the stain proof interior and XM radio with a desent sound system. My only gripe is the lack of arm rests for the back seats. Otherwise its probably the most well engineered vehicle I’ve ever seen. It has less power than the Sante Fe we were looking at last week but after some debate and being seriously distraught by the confusing deal the used vehicle place gave us, we took our money to Honda. It was a completely different experience at the “real” dealership. Parr Imports, the place we were planning on getting our Santa Fe, was sneaky and their methods were sly at best.

Anyway, more crazy stuff happening on the federal level. Some apparently well planned attacks in London have now secured our rulers into enacting more unConstitutional regulations known as the Patriot Act. Also, President Bush has appointed a new justice to the Supreme Court. We’ll see if this guy will uphold the Constitution, rubber stamp Congress’s laws or make laws himself. We live in a police state my friends. There’s no evidence proving me otherwise. Oh well. All we can do is arm ourselves and prepare for the inevitable civil war and the anarchy that will follow it. And if there is no civil war, well, then I guess I’d better get used to the idea that my government can tell me how to raise my kids, who I talk to and what I say, how and where I spend my money, where I can and can’t travel to, and so on.

Shit, that sounds like Soviet Russia and Nazi Germany.

Oh well. I am pessimistic.

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