Whole Lotta Beef

Well this weekend was definately a treat. It seemed completely spontaneous. My friend from Lakewood was like “Hey, let’s hang out this weekend” and I was like okay! And then my friend from Bellingham decides to come too. It was great! We BBQ’d on my grill. It was nice to finally cook on a grill again. We got these huge sirloin steaks from Costco and had a feast. Good times.

I have been trying to get back on track with work and stuff. I have a couple things I need to take care of. My glasses are still not comfortable so I need to swing by th eye people and have them look at them for me.

I have been slowly migrating from trance and goa to hard house and hard base. The transition has also had me browsing for some new sources to listen to. I found a great set of mixes at N.E.C. The scene is awesome with a lot of different DJs out there. Lisa Lashes seems to have slowed down or gotten a little bit less agressive. We’ll see. Its too early to get dissapointed.

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