Italien Food & Guns

Today was my first day training a new fella for our department. So far he seems able. He is a little older and I am a little worried he may not fit in but only time will tell. He is very intelligent and qualified though.

We went to the Olive Garden yesterday. There I ran into my friend from Port Orchard. It was good to see her again. (btw, we need to hang out sometime) The food was okay. I had a beer which really kicked my ass because I had an empty stomach. I love the manicotti with the meat sauce. I think I have gotten that for the last 4 visits. I don’t like their red sauce all that much because its really acidy.

Oh and I stopped by the Sportman’s Warehouse on Saturday and found a cool .44 Magnum SW that I really like. I always wanted just one revolver. I also checked out a .45 1911 clone which kind of fits into my desire to find a semi-auto pistol that’s more powerful than the 9 mm pistols I have. I have also checked out the FN 5-7s which have an amazing round but I think its counter intuitive. Although the small round would penetrate, would it stop someone? Would we have the potential dilemma that currently exists for the 9 mm be the same for the 5-7 round? Not sure. I also found the M1A in the SOCOM variant. Its in a fiberglass stock and a short barrel. I am not sure if I like that.

Speaking of guns, I have had a change in my strategy in which ones I own. In the past I thought about owning Russian weapons. They are fun to shoot and cheap to afford but as time goes on, I realize that I may end up with a lot of weapons I might not even like. Its hard to make this choice but I am considering selling a few of the less than perfect specimens. I am thinking aloud here and not sure what I will do. After shooting and using a newer rifle that worked flawlessly and was easy to strip and assemble, I wonder think the only benefit to owning one of my relics is for historical or collector’s sake.

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