Say Hello To My Little Friend

We stopped by a local music store and I picked up a really cheap poster from Scarface. Its hanging by my desk at work now. I had to add some color to my area. I think this was a perfect way to do it. The image of the fella in rage, holding his fully automatic rifle at wait level and presumably saying the phrase has generated some conversation. I am glad.

They want us to be at work at 0800 now and although I don’t mind all that much, I don’t see the point of requiring it. I personally would prefer to be here at 0900 but waltz in here around 0815 to 0830. We’ve had a lot of things going on here. Everyone is a little stressed. There is a compliance that we needed to obtain and all the programmers were creating extra reports and database “anomolies” that I have had to correct. I don’t mind at all. Its very interesting.

I suppose not a lot of new things have happened. I downloaded the demo for “Battfield 2″ which is an awesome improvment over its predicessors. I also have been playing “Civilization 3″ which is interesting but I am a little frustrated with how to set everything so my tecnology keeps up with the AI.

Today is payday and all my money is already accounted for. *sigh*

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