Pulling My Hair Out

The Sony PSP is amazing. The whole device was ingeniously designed. I have even set up my home’s wireless router to allow it a connection. The standard 32 MB card that comes with it is very small so I will hopefully upgrade to a GB soon but the music, video and gaming on this little guy is cool. We got a Nintendo DS, opened it and when we saw it put it back in the box and got our money back. Sony really did it right with the PSP. Along with the 2 games, one puzzle and the othe ran RPG, we got a movie. The screen is better looking than my home TV. A little small but when you are on a plane, in a car or whatever, its very nice.

Okay so after battling with my router and my desktop’s wireless connection now for a week since I got back from Hawai’i, I have broke down and bought a Ethernet cable and taken that out of the equation. I think my motherboard was conflicting with the wireless card. It was dropping the wireless every 10 minutes of intensive use. It was VERY frustrating. I am sure once I get a new machine I wouldn’t have had the problem. The new laptop has been up on the wireless network for 12 hours without a drop. I bought the cable and the nails with the platic clips for the cable. I was hoping to put it up along the ceiling but it wasn’t long enough and I couldn’t find a cable longer than 50 feet on the Peninsula. Anyway, a simple rug fixed that problem! :)

I have a digest of what I have done if you wish you can check it out.

I wanted wireless because the cord running from one end to the other end of the apartment was annoying. The router, Netgear WGT624v2, is nice and very easy to setup in my opinion. Networking seems logical and easy now that I have had experience with it.

I am not sure when the drops started happening but it was constant. I have tried every router configuration under the sun. With ‘g only’, ‘b and g’ and ‘b only’ for wireless. I boardcast the SSID and no SSID. I had no ecryption. I tried WEP and WPA-TSK. I tried different MTUs, MAC filtering, and port forwarding. I tried unplugging in order. I disconnected my X-Box, then it would resume. I noticed that my connection would deteriorate over time too. At first on log on, I was at 54 Mbps but 15 minutes in I would hover around 11 and 36.

So then I got a free D-Link DI-524 wireless router. This one wasn’t the 108 Mbps but at 54 Mbps, I should complain. Plus it handles both b and g protocols. I had to downgrade to a 54 WNIC anyway since my motherboard doesn’t like Atheros chipsets on the 108 Mbps WNICs anyway. Ugh that was an ordeal too.

Anyway, same thing. At first the D-Link looked promising. I was getting a stable connection and then bam. So I do it all again. It initially seems like the D-Link drops wireless less frequently but I think that was an illusion because eventually I went back to the Netgear. Again, constant drops. I get back from vacation and it was over whelming. Downloaidng large files became impossible. I even ran on default settings and it would drop. I disabled 108Mbps features, unchecked and checked XR features, I turned UPnP off, I triple checked forwarded ports. Whatever. So then I read that maybe my router was over heating. How could 2 different routers have the same problem? My cable company claimed that I never dropped connectivity. Sure I will beleive them. I was close to drilling holes into my router and mounting a case fan to it! I moved my routers around, took them off the top of the TV. The weather has been warmer. Maybe there was something to this claim.

Anyway, last night I bought the cable and set up my router on top of my bookcase. I removed the wireless card and put back the NIC I was using before the wireless era. The wireless router looks cool on top of the bookcase. I ran the cord fromt he modem along the wall. I put a rug onto it where it is exposed. I used the nail clip thingies to make it look orderly. I then took my 25 foot cord and ran it to my computer. I also removed my computer from the MAC filter and added the laptop.

Now my desktop is solid again. No drops, the router is runnng beautiflly. And what is even better, the laptop along with its built in WNIC is running amazing. 12 hours of no drops at 54 Mbps. So I am convinced it was the card. I hated having my desktop on wireless anyway so It all worked out for the better. I need to finish tacking the cable tonight.

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