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Its been raining now for a couple weeks. The sun came out a couple days ago but that’s it. Back to rain. We’ve been seeing a larger number of thunder and lightning around here. Its strange. I remember lots of that type of atmospheric behavior back East. Makes we wonder about our globes constantly changing conditions. Or is there something more sinister? Perhaps the climate is changing?

We stopped by our insurence agent yesterday to handle two things. The first is very sad. As you may already know, we left our camera bag on the plane a month ago. I hate giving up, but chances are very slim we’ll ever get that stuff back. Even though we have a deductible, we will still see enough to cover more than half of what we lost. I am very glad we have renter’s insurence. We also discussed investment and the future. I dislike insurence salesmen because they almost always fit this depressing, death contingent stereotype. I liek the idea of investing for our retirement. We should be saving anyway. We may begin that soon. I would like to see us saving a considerable amount every month. I have heard a saying “Money is hard to earn, hard to keep, easy to spend.” Now isn’t that true?

Anyway, I am still training the new guy. I am still trying to decide if our choice was the best.

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