Must… stop… myself…

Okay as I mentioned a month ago, I decided to get back into MMORPGs and I activated my EVE Online account. I think I played for a couple weeks and I have decided to cancel my account.


I traditionally play male paladin type charecters in role playing games but this time I chose a female something. Her name was Creswella. I love the idea behind EVE but honestly its just too boring. I think I am generally dissapointed with MMORPGs. I got bored with all the ones I have ever played. There just isn’t anything fun to do once you get to a certain level. It all become a grind. Same thing goes for EVE. Once you have upgraded a couple ship types, weapons and done some trading, mining or some missions, you’ve done it all. EVE has the best community. EQ2 wins on graphics. City of Heroes on innovation and charecter generation. FFXI on NPC and story development. WoW is the most fun. Guild Wars has all of these wrapped into one but without the monthly fees. The problem is that its not really an MMORPG becuase its not a persistent world.

I guess I will wait and see if something comes along that seems good. For now, I am out of the MMO gaming world.

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