Lovin’ Microsoft

Okay I know that saying this may be my own end, but I really do like Microsoft (MS) and all it has done with Windows. For all the gripes people have with them, you have to admit its not like there is some sort of method or set of rules to creating an operating system or any large software. We live in a time wen all this is being decided. Its unfortunate that MS has done some monopolizing in the process. If we were all so concerned about monopolizing we would stop driving American and European cars (they are virtually two auto manufacturing conglomerates), buying petroleum, and never shop at Walmart. Oh and look up Pepsico or Yum food brands to name just a couple huge corperations that dominate their markets. Is it right? I don’t know. If it affects how much I pay for something, then I care.

But moving on, I am not here to rant or rave about corperations. I started by wanting to mention some cool things MS has done. I have never had any problems with Windows except one time in 1998 or so my computer went to sleep while running Defrag which killed my hard drive. I have had my share of blue screens too. But if you have a little savvy, most common errors are easily over come. I am really excited about the new OS they are working on codenamed Longhorn. For one, they have removed the “My” prefix to a lot of the common folders. So instead of “My Documents” it will be “Documents”. I welcome this change because I always hated the addition to those folders. MS will also be adopting XML formats for its Office suite. This will make their documents compatible cross platform and easily web enabled. I welcome this change too. Unfortunately, the new file system and shell won’t be shipped with the new OS apparently which is a dissapointment. And I have read rumors that the new OS may have some sort of fee or subscription based system of providing patches and so on.

There is a lot to check out at longhornblogs.com which is written by folks that have an intamacy to the project. The forums at the developer’s site are a bit hard to follow but the site and the forums are the plethora of info on the project. The official site is very vague.

But even as a fan boy, I have to admit that Apple has become a more viable alternative. If it weren’t for the fact that I need a bad-ass system for the games I play, I would consider Apple for its polished OS. The arguments for making the switch aren’t convincing enough though. Security is higher but I have that under control. The gaming arena is becoming larger as developers recognize the Apple as a platform people use. I especially hate that I can’t build my own system.

Linux and all of its many distributions is truly for a security junkie. I struggle with it. I love the desktop envirnment and even KDE has its issues. Drivers for all devices are hard to find and you often times have o hack things to work like my wireless net card. Man that was frustrating! I like it being free. But like they say, you get what you pay for.

:D I by no means was doing a review of OS’s here. I just wanted to voice my opinions about the upcoming Windows OS. We’ll see what happens. The MS Antispyware was supposed to be subscription based too but they dropped it. MS has in my opinion the best spyware tool out there. Adaware comes in second. Anyway, more as time goes on.

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