Hard Dance

I love listening to music and I listen to a lot of it. I go through these phases that have an electronic focus but its always hard to catagorize what I listen to. I often times wonder how I devloped into such a techno music freak. Its this attitude of discovering and obtaining for myself perhaps with a dash of visiting techno freindly Europe several times that did it I guess. Don’t misunderstand me. I love a lot of different stuff but I think I spend 75% of my listening time exploiting the newest and hardest dance sounds made from machines and computers. Its where the premise for my Otacon project comes from.

That other 25% is filled with everything else. There isn’t anything I won’t try or even have a record or two of. I really like what I like and I have my favorites. I don’t consider myself a music snob either. Its a wonderfully unique and plyable situation I made for myself. And I love it!

Anyway, back to hard dance, I really enjoy the sounds coming from Europe lately. The Scandinavians have really owned the Hard Style dance music and out of the UK we have the hard house that I love. I have a few in my Links section but N.E.C. has a couple great streams. There is always HHUK but even at 128 Kbps it seems poor quality, Then there are DJs who mix up this music. Lisa Lashes from the UK, Pulsedriver from Germany, and the latest jewel I found: Lady Bass of Canada. Man these folks tear it up!

I sit at work and its a great oppurtunity for me to listen to music. I have had these Sony MDR-V200s now for years. They put out great sound. I am planning on upgrading soon. The old ones have lost their cushion covers and after wearing them for 8 hours, they make my head feel like its going to implode.

Sony MDR-SA1000

I found these while searching for an upgrade. They are the Sony MDR-SA1000. I also read reviews on the Sennheiser headphones. I liked what Koss and Panasonic have to offer too. The reason I keep coming back to Sony is the sound. Of course, their upper models may sound different. I listened to Sennheiser and found them to be really bass heavy. That may be good for the music I listen to but I don’t like when the head phones distort the original sound. Koss sounds empty. Almost too much midrange. Panasonic I have not listened to. One DJ I listen to uses their HDJ-1000s and they have a really tight bass response. Sonys seem to have a gap between middle and high. That mid-high range seems to be missing. I have no where to try Grado headphones where I live at but their design I think would make them a definate head imploder after 8 hours of listening. I like the comfort of the Sonys too. I will keep looking and I will have to find somewhere I can audition the names I want to hear, but for now Sony takes the cake. I plan on making a purchase sometime next month.

And now that I wrote this about hard dance, I will probably cycle into industrial or techno/NRG and I will have to explain all that too. :)

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