All Over Again

I watched friend’s of ours son’s graduation this weekend. It was a humbling experience. I watched 344 young men and women join society with bright and eager futures. Some of the may end up on the welfare system, some of them may one day tell me and you what to do and some of them will dissapear in the wall. And now I move on as I repress my feelings regarding my own path through life.

I have been playing a game called Settlers: The Heritage of Kings and must admit it is really fun. Its mostly a real time strategy game but with massively improved options and its quie interesting. The storry is cool although the voice acting and writing is… terrible.

Oh! We were able to see “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” this weekend and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I would definately see it payiong full price at the theater but that’s my opinion. I think matinee would be good for most people. It was a fun, action flick to see. Angelina Jolie has once again captured my imaginations. ;)

I am going to try and quit drinking soda tomorrow and go to water and tea. Its been something I do every so often but then I fail. This time I want to stick with it. We’ll see how it goes.

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