Your Excellency

This weekend turned out great. I am still a little sore from the yard work at my parents’ home but it was satisfying to come through for my dad. I stayed up really late Friday night and installed Suse Linux 9.2 and configured it a bit but I still have to figure out how to get my wireless PCI card to work. It seems that it will involve some command line installing which I am not very good at. Otherwise, GRUB, the install, everything is set up nice. With the availability of APT (native to Debian), Suse rates highest in my opinion. I am not impressed with Mandrake or Redhat. Maybe things will change.

I set my wireless settings on my router to do a long preamble as opposed to a short one and my connection seems to be more stable now. I haven’t disconnected since Saturday night. My parents seem to be doing well. They are definitely showing their age. In addition to helping with the yard work, I fixed a light fixture what wasn’t functioning properly and ran to the store with my dad. We bought some good old world style rye bread, some pickles and Maggi seasoning. There is this cultural store in Federal Way that sells Slavic ethnic foods that is run by Russians (thus whenever we go there, we say we’re going to the Russians). They sell all sorts of child hood familiarities such as sausages, pickled vegetables, syrups and breads.

I tried to get my car running this weekend but I think after a year of sitting in their garage “Sadie” is not doing so hot. The gas probably varnished and after getting the battery charged, we couldn’t get to start. I will go down in a couple weeks to try and start the car up again.

My friend from Tacoma and I went to the Old Spaghetti Factory and had a wonderful night talking about a lot of different things. The food was good too, especially for the value. Its a good value too. It was good to see him again. (Thanks again for the taffy and shot glass! ;) )

Sunday, although I didn’t get much sleep, was a very good day too. We blessed some friends from our church with a meal for their entire family. We hung out and talked. My wife and I then drove to the evil Walmart and I spent my gift card there. I refuse to go to that store for a few reasons. Here are my top reasons:

  • The rumors of poor treatment to employees
  • The urban sprawl caused in rural areas by introducing these mega stores
  • Driving competition out of business
  • Generally low quality and unhealthiness of any non-name brand merchandise or foods
  • The mad house/insanity inside stores. Crowded and busy
  • A gathering pool for low income people who also either statistically or coincidentally or more stupid than other portions of the populous

I respect everyone I meet but I avoid Walmart as much as I can. I like that I can save money there but I hate contributing to the evil empire. I think Microsoft is just and honorable compared to Walmart. Anyway, while I was there I bought some clothes, some printer paper, and a game. We then drove to Circuit City and bought a Nikon 4600 4.0 Megapixel digital camera. This was a great purchase and we really needed to get a new camera for our upcoming trip to Hawai’i. The old Kodak died. All the buttons and the shutters got sticky. I am not sure if its from the dust or what, but it was definitly not going to work out for us. The 4 Megapixels is plenty for anyone not printing into large magazine spreads. Our 512 MB SD card fit and we are in business!

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