Planning Ahead

As you know, I plan on working on my car every couple weeks. When I get back from Hawai’i I plan on finally replacing the door on my car. I just talked to a friend and offered to pay the gas and ferry costs if he’d cart me there and to my folks. The trip will cost as much as the door it seems but will be well worth it.

I heard some Ayria who is listed as EBM or “Electronic Body Music”. The term EBM is a marketing ploy to avoid saying indutrial or “dark techno with lyrics” but whatever. I have heard her (or their, but its really the lead singer’s project) stuff before and enjoy it. Her stuff makes for good remixes.

My boss hasn’t been to work for almost a week now. He is having a hard time with his folks who are old and their health is failing. I am holding my department together. I typed up a contigency plan due tomorrow and wanted him to look at it but since he’s not here, I won’t get that.

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