House Viewing and Gov’t Outrage

Problem: So we went house hunting the last two afternoons. I predict, unless there is a huge calamity, that housing will continue to rise continually outpace wages until the average citizen will no longer afford to be a home owner sparking a feudal system of land owners and serfs that rent. There will be a mass exodus to cheaper areas but those too will eventually join the price inflation. After seeing what I can buy for $100,000 or even $120,000, I am seriously disturbed. Maybe its just this area or perhaps the market is just empty right now. We did see a home for $180,000 which was way out of our price range, that sold the day it was put on the market with two offers: both for more than the asking price.

Solution: Study hard kids. Secure a profession that pays gobs of money. Or start small and continually sell and buy until you are in the house you desire.

Problem: The president, his cabinet and staff, the war department, and many other people lied and drug us into a war in a perpetual foreign policy mandate, whether republican or democrat, to interfere in distant sovereign nations’ affairs. A democrat in office may have postponed the inevitable war that contains questionable motives and smoke-and-mirrors propaganda to justify it. Worse yet, I was listening to NPR this morning and they were discussing how all the evidence that the administration gave to justify this war was all falsified and how they had made up their mind to go to war years before making it apparent. Why aren’t people protesting and being outraged? They suggested that all the people that voted for alternative presidents are already outraged and that all this is common knowledge. I think its deeper. I think its a complacency if not apathy to do anything about it. Our government is out of control.

Solution: Vote libertarian. Continue to detest and write your leaders and “representatives” to obey the mandates set by the Constitution.

Hopefully I haven’t been blacklisted on some secret government “no fly” list and I can enjoy a vacation in Hawai’i. Because you know, according to our tyrannical regime, people who disagree with the government are not free thinkers, they are terrorists.

Have I gone insane?

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