Helping Hands

You know, I have been a long advocate of self built machines but I have to admit there are some times when a prebuilt computer are worth the… shame. Take for example this older lady I have been helping. A few months ago we concluded that it was time to upgrade her computer. The 5¼ inch drive and 12x speed CD-ROM were things of the past. Enter Dell. For someone as “technologially challenged” as she is, its perfect. Great speed, easy set up and use, preloaded and it works with no configuring. Plus it comes with phone support.

I can go on and on about how I dislike Dell and its competitors but this one time, I will admit that there is a purpose.

My wonderful and beautiful wife has an interview at my company for the operations department. Its a fancy was of saying secretary but still, I hope she gets what she wants and quite frankly, deserves. I hope the position is as wonderful as its painted out to be. The time of retial has come to an end for her. Working 45-55 hours a week on salary with no paid (or unpaid for that matter) sick days, no paid holidays, no regular schedule, no paid over time and the stress of not knowing what to expect each and every day when you come to work is over!

I personally have had a great time reading some books and playing EVE. I have had more breakthroughs in PHP and MySQL things as well. In my ‘Files’ section, I have a secure area where you need a password to get in. Once in, I developed my own form to browse and upload a file using PHP. The form also asks for an expiration date and discription. It takes that info and enters it along with the file name into a MySQL database. Then you can browse the files using a page built by PHP srawing info from the database. And, what I am tickled about, is that the expire date comes and passes and when it does the PHP automatically changes the link from ‘Download’ to ‘Expired’ and deleted the file! I had to use some if and else statements, and figure out how to draw strings and files from the file post. The insert statement was remarkably easy too. It took the variable from the form, added it to todays date, and put the expire date in. I wish I could show examples but I can’t afford anyone off the internet to log in and start using the upload site.

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