Which Way

sittin’ on that familiar fence
takin’ my time to decide
nothing makes sense
how long to kill my pride?

bright clouds in my dreams
suddenly a rush a wind against my back
nothing is as it seems
I’m seein’ something all dark and black

the world keeps on turnin’
the fires keep on burnin’
how long till it all catches up to you?
the cash kept on spendin’
folks kept on drownin’
how long till it all catches up to you?

I’m starin’ at the road ahead
it’d be so much easier to just give in
and take the way more often tread
an empty life yet so full of sin

I’m tired of the crazy rush
stop telling me there is no truth
rectitude leavin’ like blood from a gash
I’ve got all I need in proof


© 2005 Michael Hrádek

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