Weekend Love

The short weekend has come to an abrupt end. My wife enjoyed a 4 day weekend. She has been able to take care of a lot of things too. We watched a movie called “The Notebook” which was pretty good. For those of you in a relationship that is permanent love, see this one together. I would see it matinee price at a theatre although I have to admit that it may rate higher if I was a girl.

I have added a bulliten board to my site. I am probably going to delete the secure area. The bulletin is easy to post links to things and have closed password only areas. My only concern is that the Apache security is supposedly uncrackable and I have no clue about PHP password encoding. Its not like we store any top secret files on the site but I like to make sure it is secure. My church website redesign is coming along really nicely. I need to get together with my pastor to smooth out the details.

I am really pumped about our trip to Hawai’i. Its coming quick!

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