It was a short weekend again. My friend couldn’t make it down from Bellingham (he had to work and it would have been difficult) so I spent Saturday working on some new music which would be best described as funk. I love that classic electric Rhodes piano properly distorted so it growls. Tickles the ears. I hope to post that on my Otacon site soon. I noticed something in my music though. I can create good rhythms and background key changes but when it comes to combining melodies and the background I am a complete newbie. My wife has offered to help with this. I can see some good things coming out of us working together.

Sunday we went down to visit my family. I stopped on the way and visited a friend in Tacoma. He seems to be doing well but is getting over a cold. I hope he feels better. We went to a music store in Lakewood where I found Chopin’s Polobaises. I really wanted the Urtext edition but at twice the cost I figured it’d be better to go with the less expensive Alfred edition. Besides, it has a more practical binding.

My visit with my parents was okay too. I finally had a chance to show them my new Mustang. They were pleased for they had owned a few back in the 70s. We looked at a house for sale down the street. It was amazing to see a price of $269,000 for a small 3 bedroom home. It really wasn’t three bedrooms and the square footage was only a bit larger than my apartment. The two car garage was nice but I am shocked at the way inflation over the last few years has caused prices to go this high. My father pointed out that when he first considered buying a house, the average family had one working spouse and the first week’s wages would pay for the mortgage payment. Using that formula, I would need to earn $30.00 an hour to afford a $1,200 house payment which would buy me a $150,000 house! I am sure that those numbers can be moved around but $30.00 an hour is something people who have been working for many, many years can afford. The inflation of goods has outpaced payrates. We also watched an interesting film about riding the Trans-Siberian Railway. It was very humbling to see all the poor areas of China and Russia. Sometimes though, for a little while, I entertain ideas of simply retreating to some remote outpost so that these financial and social worries I can escape but I am not a recluse at heart so I could never do that.

I am considering selling my beloved 450 SEL Mercedes. It aches me to think of it gone for good but my parents are tired of it sitting in their garage. I don’t have money to work on it. Honestly, the money I got form it I could use to pay some debts off and maybe build a new computer. Sitting in it, rolling the windows down and driving on a hot summer day with some Romones playing loud is a memory I will always cherish with that car and I hate to let it go. Its impractical to drive on a daily basis, I am not sure what to do. Everyone that has ever had a classic they sold have told me to never sell it: it will be something I will regret. But its my responsibility to move it somewhere. Hmmmm….

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