Vampires, Sex, & Techno

Last night I loaded and played the first couple chapters of Vampire Masquerade: Bloodlines. It was very interesting. Apart from a few glitches and over use of scripting the game is fun. The dark vampiric theme to the game is intriguing. The game starts off with an implied sex scene. The cut scenes are a dissapointing use of the Half-Life 2: Source engine actually. The soundtrack is an industrial rock mix.

I have done some more updates to my site too. I think its slowly approaching what I wanted but its all a matter of time. I updated the “more links” by adding links and removing some of the banners. I don’t want it to resemble a adult banner page but I still wanted to share some of the cool sites out there so I converted them to links. I finally created a site history link too located at the bottom.

My lesson went well yesterday and actually inspired me to take lessons again. The student was very willing but it looks like I have more to teach than expected. I had to explain sharps and flats (!) and other basic theory. We then started by counting very simple music. Ha! Me counting… but perhaps through my teaching the student, I the master can hone my own inadequecies. I left a Hannon excersize book for him to look at but I also suggested some lesson book sfrom Alfred.

The website I have been working on lately has had some major changes to it. We decided to revert to the previous version to put something there for people to review. I also have updated most of the sounds to 32-bit format. 64-bit took too much space. That cut it from using almost 3 Gigabytes of space to 1.5 and will extend need for more space by a couple years…. I hope.

I am listening to Philosomatika which plays a kick ass mix of goa trance. Sometimes the tunes can get boring but most of the time it throbs very pleasurably to my ears.

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