Valentine’s Day

I am ordering a new hard drive soon but in the mean time I borrowed a friends 80 GB. I plan on a Seagate 300 GB and will probably be ordering it within a couple weeks. I needed to format and start from scratch. A lot of problems were becoming apparent since the last install a year or so ago. I discovered a really nice Virtual Desktop Manager from Microsoft which is part of their Powertoys tools for Windows XP (Its listed on the right as “deskman.exe”). I have become accustomed to it at work using Linux everyday. Now to stop trying to cut and paste at home using the middle mouse buttom!

My friend from Bellingham graciously posted a deal for free boxes from the USPS so I did it. I got a good laugh out of reading about it. Now I need to figure out what to do with 25 postal boxes.

My wife and I had a great weekend. Thursday I went over to a friends home who was a chef at a great restaurant in Seattle. He showed me how to cook and pick out wine. I prepared the food and took all the other things I had purchased in anticipation for my dinner date with her the next day.

Friday I went to work and left early. As soon as I got home I started. When she arrived (I sent her away) she was greeted at the door by me with a 8 roses to signify the years we’ve been together. The table was set and Scubert’s “Standchen” was playing as I walked her to the bathroom. There I had a warm bath drawn with milk salts and rose pedals, candles lighting the entire bathroom, a scented candle and a glass of champagne for her to sip on while she bathed. When she got out, I had warmed the towel in the dryer and handed it to her. There was a rose scented hand creme to compliment her hands after she dried. She changed and we had dinner. At this point I played some Chopin Nocturnes. She looked wonderful and I sat her down to the candle lit table. A fresh romaine salad with tomatoes and feta cheese sprinkled with a wonderful vinaigrette was first. I opened and served a wonder cabernet sauvignon. After we finished I served a polenta with gobereroa cheese smothered in an Italian bolonaise sauce. I accented with fresh basil leaves. Finally for desert there were these neat little mousse cake looking things I found at a local bakery. We enjoyed those.

We enjoyed the rest of the night. That was my planned date for my wife. She had bought me a great pocket watch which I now carry. Its mechanical and she had my initials and the date engraved into it. It made me cry.

I am glad we have these dates every so often. I try to litter the year with smaller events. A dinner, a small gift, a few flowers here and there but once in a while you have to give a woman something memorable. Maybe my woman is unique but it really breaks our monotonous lives and makes it truely extraordinary even for just one night.

I am trying to stop drinking soda. I have suceeded since Thursday. It scared me how addicted I was to the “black necter” called Pepsi.

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