Everquest 2 has had some great updates. The recent patch really rewards soloers and people who play less often so I feel that the game has again sparked my interest. Work has been a grind but the solid over time I have been amassing will be worth it. I am currently working on some proects for another department. I also am spending some time training with a fella handling the sales and other automated features of our cart.

I have a few new projects I am working on music wise. There is a funk rock tune I am starting out. It has this wild Rhodes electric piano that starts the groove. Its very distorted but sounds good. I build up with some bass and clean rythem guitar. I also got a demo from a local rocker. I am not sure where we are headed but I feel I could really add some cool new sounds and produce some good mixes of the tracks. We will see.

I did my taxes and I am a little frustrated. I think our company doesn’t withhold enough but others that claim the same amount of allowances and got more in returns. Without going into details, I am confident that I should be getting some sort of refund. I will do them again today and perhaps get a more accurate result.

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