Mondays are difficult when you are feeling extremely tired. I usually don’t mind heading to work but today I fealt like my weekend was very short. I really didn’t get to work on my Otacon music project which I wanted to. I bought a DJ Miss Lisa album from Topaz Records and the compilation album from Metroplis Records called Metropolis 2003. Both I am very pleased with. The DJ Miss Lisa is a mix of UK Hard House and Hard House so the slightly less agressive Hard House is a really good variaty to the mix. The othe ralbum is a collection of industrial work that are fairly catchy. I like dancable industrial music and this album is filled with more of that then the rock industrial goth stuff. I like the Hanzel Und Gretyl song on it.

It was nice to have full weekend because I feel like I got to do some things. I spent Friday night with a good friend talking music production and having some pretty good ale called Fat Bastard. We had another brew called Whoop Pass but i was sweet flavoured. It gagged me a little.

The following day I played some World of Warcraft which was very fun. I leveled my charecter and I am considering cancelling my Everquest 2 account(s). It seems like work and playing games that makes you feel that way sucks. Later that day I went over to another friend’s home where we enjoyed some tabacco using wooden pipes and fine wine. I had a whiskey sour which was incredible.

Sunday I hung out with yet another fella I met at my last job. We watched a really funny movie called Shaun of the Dead. It was amazing. The shots, humor and other qualities make it an instant cult classic like Army of Darkness. Today I plan on staying late to help my boss finish some tasks. I really don’t want to stay too late. Tomorrow I am planning on giving some piano instructions. We will see how that goes.

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