This Weekend

I plan on going to my parents house and working on my Mercedes. I think its got a dead battery so I will need to jump it. Maybe all that cold was really hard on the battery. I will also stop by my brother-in-laws and help him with some recording. He wants some piano/keyboard sound into his tracks and quite honestly some of the clipping on some of the tracks indicates he needs some production advice.

Last night I helped a lady I have been helping with her computer order a Dell. *gasp* I completely dislike pre-manufactured computers but in her case, someone who needs a fancy word processor and e-mail/Internet browser doesn’t need a custom built computer. Plus the 2 years of support hopefully puts her into their hands for help. ;)

I have a unique oppurtunity to always be online at work. While my friends have to divide their time between work, girlfriends, school and whatever else, I have around eight hours a day I can tune my online presence. I make an ass out of myself in making assumptions. *sigh* Don’t get me wrong here; I do work, its just very convenient to be available all the time.

I e-mailed the co-ordinator for the local public access station, BKAT, which is down the street from me. I found out some more information about membership and orientations. I am really excited to start filming some things. I just need to have people who are willing to help out and participate.

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