I frequent slashdot often and they have many interesting articles. Although I first heard this from a friend who knows someone who works for Intel, they are testing a new dual core chip which aparently will increase performace incredibly. Also, as mentioned on slashdot, there is a patent called ‘VIIV’ which could be a 64-bit processor or a Pentium 5 double core. Who knows, but its exciting to see this stuff as it comes out.

I stayed fairly late at work last night and I plan to stay even later tonight. Any over time I can muster helps us out. My wife has an interview today for a new position and I am very excited for her. Her current job is stressful (on me too!), has irregular hours, and is a constant interruption to our lives. These retailers need to treat their employees with some respect. They train someone up, give them a salary and then expect them to be married to the job. Oh, and when someone else calls in sick, you get stuck with having to come in. The problem is jumping the rails to a position that would pay anything close to what she makes now. I hope the best for her.

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