Site Update

Hope nobody noticed the huge transition I made last night. You know, is my main site and this blog is nested inside my site which was hosted by Comcast here but I found a new hosting service call Surpasshosting. $4.95 a month (or $48.00 a year) gets me 2GB, huge bandwidth, PHP, Perl, MySQL, CGI, mail, and Chron compared to my old ISP hosting at 25 MB and no additional benefits. I am moving my domain there too so no more popups that by URL forwarder forces on you guys. This will allow my audio samples to be full .mp3 format instead of the hideous .ram files that I am using now and I plan on putting together a gallery too. Sheesh, I know that this paragraph sounds like a damn advertisement but heck, I am excited and you should be too! I had to do a lot of changes to the site to make it friendly to a UNIX based hosting service. Comcast let me get away with a lot of stupid HTML mistakes so I cleaned them up and everything should work as before.

We have a new member in our family called “Kiko”. She is a pitbull/dalmation cross about six months old. I plan on posting pics soon. My wife has wanted a dog for a long time.

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